Cool-Air Hair Care For Fine and Coily Hair

As the air gets crisp, the door opens to everything the cooler months bring: cozy nights in bulky sweaters, warm drinks, the joy of the holiday season. There’s so much to look forward to! As a fine-haired coily, you might also associate this cool, dry air with potential breakage and damage, but I’ve got great news!

With the proper care and early measures, you can protect your delicate, fine 3C and 4A, 4B and 4C coils from the damaging effects of winter air. The key lies in building a gentle winter routine that keeps your coils moisturized and protected from the crisp air.

Read on to learn more about the steps you can take to defend your coils from the drying effects of cool air!

Step One: Understand your Coils

Most of us consider humid air the enemy of shining, frizz-free curls, but we sometimes forget the damaging effects of dry air.

Cool winter air is incredibly dry. That means static electricity, as well as damage from wool hats and scarves. For most hair types, this is already a problem, but for us fine-haired coilies, this can lead to even more damage and breakage. Fine hair is the thinnest, most delicate of the hair textures, and the open cuticles of naturally coily hair leave hair even more susceptible.

According to dermatologist Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, the first step in protecting your hair is to remember that it’s a fiber. You wouldn’t throw an expensive cashmere sweater in the wash without the proper care, would you? Why, then, would we do the same to our natural coils?

Step Two: Invest in Gentle Cleansers

Before washing your coils, know you’re using gentle cleansers made of products you can trust. Shampoos containing ingredients like sulfates and silicones, for example, strip your hair of its natural oils and leave behind a waxy coat, preventing other protective products from doing their job.

Turn to products that cleanse hair of dirt and sweat without leaving hair vulnerable to more damage. Our van + veronica™ Shampoo for fine-haired coilies gently cleanses hair and resupplies it with valuable moisture through its specialty oil combination. Our shampoo is silicone and sulfate-free, leaving your curls moisturized and shining without excess oil and wax.

Step Three: Condition and Moisturize!

After cleansing your hair of dirt and sweat, it’s important to follow up with a quality conditioner. Doing so closes and tightens the cuticle, sealing moisture in while keeping your coils protected from the dry, crisp air.

This winter, reach for conditioners that understand the needs of your fine coils. Most hair care products use heavier oils for moisture, but these products only weigh down fine coils, creating greasy buildup. Use products that rely on lightweight oils that soak into each strand without leaving excess grease in their wake.

Our van + veronica Conditioner uses a unique combination of lightweight oils– grapeseed, apricot, and high-quality argan oil– to moisturize your strands without reducing volume. For extra protection against that dry air, follow up with our Leave-In conditioner. Our fine hair care system moisturizes coils and fully protects them against the damaging effects of winter static.


By understanding the effects of dry, cool air, you’re better equipped to find products you need to protect those fine coils. At van + veronica, we know fine natural hair and help provide the products you need to keep those gorgeous coils healthy, protected, and thriving.

This winter, enjoy the air without feeling self-conscious of your delicate strands. Let those natural fine coils free, enjoy a steaming latte, and bask in the chill!

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