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Of all the combinations of coil patterns and textures, Type 4 or Type 3C fine, natural hair has to be the most complex. Coils, in general, are dry and need moisture, but fine hair soaks up oil like a sponge, leading it to be easily weighed down by heavy or greasy products. Fine coils need lightweight products that can provide moisture without weighing down your delicate strands!

Taking care of your fine natural hair with non-greasy products for naturals is essential to having hair that’s hydrated while also keeping your hair’s volume and manageability in check.

Learn to look for products that are:

  1. Silicone-Free
  2. Sulfate-Free
  3. Coconut Oil-Free
  4. Shea Butter-Free
  5. pH-Balanced

If you are hoping to do right by your gorgeous fine and coily hair, then you’re going to have to get familiar with the ingredients that work for you!

Read Those Product Labels!

The key to finding the products you need lies in understanding what ingredients go into each of the bottles on your shelf. Unfortunately, simply looking for a “coily hair” label isn’t enough; many of these products use ingredients that aren’t good for your fine coils’ long-term health and manageability.

Not all ingredients are made equal, and not every ingredient that’s good for one person’s hair is good for your unique type and texture! Looking for fine coils-approved ingredients and properties is essential for attaining an ideal look and health. Here is what to look for when choosing the most suitable products for your fine natural hair.

How to find products for your fine natural hair

1.    Silicone-free

Silicone may be a great product for quickly achieving silky and sleeks strands, but this may come at a cost to your fine natural hair.

Silicone is a waxy, synthetic ingredient used to increase luster and shine. Silicone is an incredibly cheap, common ingredient found in many hair care products, but this chemical is far from what your fine coils need. When looking for this ingredient on your product label, be aware; this ingredient can fall under many names.  Look out for two of the most common types of silicone: dimethicone and amodimethicone.

While silicone is an easy way to produce shine, it can be heavy, greasy, and can even prevent moisture from soaking in. Fine, tight coils crave moisture and are easily weighed down, meaning silicone can lead not just to flat, lifeless hair but to dryness. For light and shiny coils, choose products that depend on lightweight oils rather than silicones.

If you’re looking for a moisturizing, silicone-free leave-in, check out the van + veronica ™ Leave-In for fine coils. This flawless touch will leave your coils shining without the use of damaging, silicones!

2.    Sulfate-free

Chances are when you’ve perused the hair care aisle, you’ve likely noticed product labels highlighting claims of being “sulfate-free.” As it turns out, this truly is something to be proud of!

Sulfates are preservatives that hair products use to reduce the spread of mold. In addition to preserving products, though, this ingredient strips hair of moisture and can cause your coils to become brittle and easily broken.

As you skim the list of ingredients, deciding between potential products, keep an eye out for sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate. Depend on products that are sulfate-free in order to keep your fragile hair strong!

Looking for sulfate-free shampoo? The van + veronica ™ Shampoo is completely sulfate-free and uses natural ingredients to stay fresh.

3.    Coconut Oil-free

Coconut oil can have many benefits for the skin, but when it comes to caring for your fine Type 4 coils, you’d be better off skipping this heavy ingredient.

Not only is coconut oil heavy, it also prevents protein loss in your hair. If your hair type is prone to protein sensitivity, you may find that coconut oil leaves it brittle, stiff, and easily broken. To learn more about how excess protein can negatively affect your hair, read our article on protein sensitivities!

For a lightweight leave-in that will leave your coils plump and lifted, we recommend using the van + veronica coconut oil-free Leave-In for fine coils. This product will soften your fine coils without leaving them stiff and brittle from excess protein.

4.    Shea Butter-free

The oh-so widely debated topic of the moisturizing properties of shea butter! While shea butter has a lot to offer, it is definitely another ingredient that fine-haired coillies may want to avoid.

Though some hair textures can take advantage of the moisturizing power of coconut oil and shea butter, these ingredients are too heavy for fine-haired coillies. Heavy oils and butters will cause greasy build-up on your hair and scalp, making your strands appear dull and lifeless.

Instead of using heavy products containing shea butter, look for products that contain lightweight oils like argan oil, grapeseed oil, and apricot oil. Our van + veronica shea butter-free Conditioner is perfect for moisturizing fine coils without leaving them weighed down with heavy butters.

5.    pH-balanced

Here’s where things get scientific. Every product containing liquid falls under a scale ranging from either acidic to base. When something is “pH-balanced,” it falls under its ideal, appropriate level.

Products that are pH-balanced allow your hair’s cuticle to remain closed, ensuring it doesn’t frizz. When you’ve found a product that helps maintain this delicate balance, you’ll know; these products moisturize, soften, and improve your hair’s elasticity. In safeguarding your hair’s pH balance, you’re increasing its shine and strength.

Maintaining your hair’s pH balance is tricky, but with the right products, you’ll be able to keep your hair healthy and strong. Though it’s often difficult to find pH-balanced leave-in and stylers, van + veronica ™ has both!

6.   Bonus Tip: Humidity Resistant Stylers

The more moisture in the air, the more easily that moisture can be soaked into your fine, coily strands. Blocking out this extra moisture is key to maintaining your hair’s style and avoiding frizz. Be sure to look for glycerin-free stylers, which go the extra mile in maintaining your style and keeping your coils frizz free and strong. Check out our article on glycerin-free stylers to see why glycerin-free styling products are perfect for fine coily hair.

Stylers made specifically with fine natural hair in mind reduce frizz, add volume, and protect fine coils against humidity. Our van + veronica Styler for Fine Coils is silicone-free and humidity resistant, making it the ideal way to finish your hairstyle for healthy, manageable coils. Travel friendly and great in all climates, this product is the perfect addition for all those multi-climate trips!

van + veronica products for Fine Tight Curls

Once you’ve removed all the chemicals and heavy oils that can drag your coils down, you should turn to lightweight, healthy products that provide the moisture you need without reducing your volume.

Caring for fine Type 4 or Type 3C tight curls isn’t difficult; it just takes a knowledge of what to look for! Created specifically for fine-haired naturals, van + veronica™ Haircare for Fine Coils speaks to all sides of your fine natural hair. Rather than relying on cheap silicones or sulfates, our products utilize lightweight oils that leave your fine coils moisturized, strengthened, and protected.

Every product in our line is pH-balanced, allowing your fine and fragile coils to maintain their natural shape and beauty.

Let us help you care for your fine natural coils and bring those strands to life!

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