How to Pick the Best Leave-in Conditioner for Fine and Coily Hair

Not so long ago, finding haircare products for fine natural hair proved to be a bit of a mission. Sure, there were products available for some curly hair, but our fine, tight coils needed some TLC too. After some time, a trend finally started to appear for DEFINED coils, a much-needed breakthrough for us fine Type 4 and Type 3 coilies. Now that there are so many leave-in conditioner options for coils, you need to know how to sift through the options to find what will really bring your FINE coils to life.

In order to select the best leave-in conditioner for fine, coily natural hair, you should:

  • Pick products by hair type
  • Use only sulfate-free and silicone-free products
  • Look for lightweight leave-ins
  • Find a conditioner that makes detangling easy
  • Look for leave-in that strengthens and defines

So let’s talk about it!

Pick Products by Hair Type

Since our coils are very tight, we often need more moisture than our friends with looser curls. When looking for a Leave-in for your fine coils, look for products that specifically address dry, coily hair types.

Choose Sulfate-Free and Silicone-Free

The purpose of leave-in conditioners is to minimize the effects of harsh cleansing ingredients and provide an additional moisture boost. Any products containing the active ingredient sulfate will end up drying out your beautiful coils.

Sulfates are harsh chemicals, designed to strip hair of excess oil. Silicones are synthetic ingredients that produce shine but can make the hair limp and greasy. For those of us with already delicate, fragile coils, these chemicals can damage the bounce, body, and shine of our hair.

By shopping for a sulfate-free and silicone-free leave-in, you are protecting your hair’s moisture and ensuring yourself more “good-hair” days.

Look for Lightweight Leave-in

Our wash days deserve to feel like spa days; however, if our products create greasy build-up, this dream will feel more like a nightmare!

Your Leave-In should be lightweight enough to rinse out easily. This will keep your fine coils clean and lightweight with moisturized definition. Since Type 4 and Type 3 coils fall into the super curly category, it would be best to choose lightweight products that make coating every last coil easier.

Leave-In Conditioner Should Make Detangling Fun!

The most time-consuming part of having very tight yet fine coils is the process of detangling.

Our coils are super curly. While that is part of their appeal, it also means they require more effort to comb and define. Remember to look for products that contain lightweight, natural oils like Argan, Grapeseed and Apricot, to help you detangle your fine natural hair without damaging its delicate texture.

Leave-In Should Strengthen and Define

Your hair care routine should have a balance between moisturizing and strengthening. A leave-in conditioner that can do both will leave your fine coils bouncing, shining, and resistant to humidity!

Looking for a leave-in that strikes that balance between strength and moisture isn’t easy, but luckily, it’s not impossible!


If you’re looking for a lightweight, silicone-free and sulfate-free leave-in conditioner with nourishing ingredients, then van + veronica™ has the Leave-In conditioner you’ve been searching for.

Designed for naturals with fine Type 4A-C and Type 3C hair, this moisturizing Leave-In conditioner is gentle enough to protect your fine coils without causing greasy build-up. Pair this Leave-In with our Styler for amazing definition and hold, plus humidity resistance.

Your fine coils will thank you!

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