Tips for Swimming with Fine and Coily Hair

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner; that means it’s time to have more fun in the tropical sun! Before diving into the swimming pool or the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, understand that, while swimming is a blast, it can cause damage to your fine coily hair. Most pools depend on harsh chlorine, and the sun and salt of the beach can cause their own damage.

Taking care of your fine coils doesn’t mean that you have to avoid fun in the sun! Just remember that it’s essential to protect your coils while you do so. The best way to protect your fine natural hair is to follow a few specific tips both before and after your swim.

Here are things that you can do before and after getting in those vacay waters.

Before Taking a Dive:

Wet Your Fine Coils

Did you know that damp hair soaks up less chlorine than dry hair? Wetting your hair before swimming will serve as an extra step of protection against harsh chemicals that can dry out and damage your coils.

Use Lightweight, Water-based Products

By using water- based products with healthy, natural oils, you strengthen your hair before you even step foot into the water. Your hair will not only absorb the oil but will have extra protection against chlorine and beach water!

Using van + veronica’s Shampoo and Conditioner during your regular wash can strengthen your coils by cleaning them gently, keeping them strong and build-up free. Our products use a unique combination of argan, grapeseed, and apricot oil to prepare your hair to stand up to the harsh sun and sea!

Protect Your Coils With Leave-In Conditioner

By using a silicone-free and sulfate-free leave-in conditioner on your fine coils before swimming, you seal off your hair’s cuticles, creating a barrier between your coils and the chlorine.

Not only will the right leave-in protect your hair, but it will create the shine and definition you love to show off by the poolside! The van + veronica™ Leave-In conditioner and Styler has the perfect combination of lightweight oils you need to protect and define your coils without sacrificing quality or creating build-up.

Put Your Coils in a Cute Updo!

While soaking up the right kind of oils can strengthen and define your coils, the wrong kind can cause more damage. Excess tangles and knots can do the same.

Try your best to leave your fine coils out of your face when swimming. Try bantu knots, a twist out, or anything to prevent your coils from getting tangled while in the water.

After your Dip:

Rinse Your Fine Coils With Cold Water First

Wash your hair as soon as possible to remove any chlorine or chemicals from the open waters. After a quick, cold rinse, you should use a gentle cleanser to remove any excess chemicals.

The danger with this step is that exposing your hair to more frequent washings potentially opens up the door to more breakage and damage. You want to do your best to prevent dryness in your coils. Use our van + veronica™ Shampoo to remove product buildup, chlorine, and any chemicals from your hair without sacrificing moisture.

Condition and Moisturize

Bring back the moisture your delicate coils crave after an extended time in the pool. Our Conditioner is the absolute best for locking in moisture, sealing the cuticle, and avoiding buildup. Even with regular dips in the pool, you should be able to enjoy voluminous, bouncing coils!

Last Thoughts

Swimming can have amazing health benefits, both physically and mentally. Having bouncing, healthy curls shouldn’t mean sacrificing the amazing summertime activity! The key point to remember is to keep those fine coils properly moisturized and protected before and after your dip. The absolute best way to do that is by investing in high-quality products like our van + veronica™ Fine Coils System for fine natural coils!

Are you protecting your natural fine coils before taking a swim?

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