Video Tutorials

How to Style Your Curls

Join Yossy (IG: @Curls_andspice) as she demonstrates how to use van + veronica Haircare’s Leave-In conditioner and humidity-resistant Styler. Discover the secrets to achieving amazing hold and beautiful, frizz-free curls! 

How to define limp curls

Curls looking limp and undefined after styling, try this hack by @curlyJanvi_twinsmom using the van + veronica Haircare Styler.

Unlocking Your Best Curly Girl Routine for Fine Curls

Discover your personalized, curly girl-approved routine and unlock special promotions with our curl quiz. Your perfect curls are just a quiz away! ➡️ Take the Curl Quiz Now! 

Witness the detangling magic of van + veronica conditioner

Effortlessly detangle your fine, curly hair with van + veronica Haircare Conditioner. Enjoy smooth, tangle-free curls with amazing definition, thanks to our triple botanical oil blend of Argan, Grapeseed and Apricot Oil. 🌿Curly Girl approved and free from fragrance, coconut oil, and shea butter. 

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