Frequently Asked Questions

van + veronica Haircare was specially made with fine curls and coils in mind. We understand the needs of fine curly and coily hair. These delicate hair textures require products that complement fine strands, instead of overpowering their natural beauty. Our lightweight curly hair products provide moisture, volume, shine, and bounce without heavy or greasy residue. 

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van + veronica Haircare products are perfect for people with fine textured curls. Our products moisturize dry coils and curls without weighing down fine, delicate textures.

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All van + veronica Haircare products are proudly sulfate and silicone-free. We choose gentle, lightweight, natural ingredients to care for fine curls instead of harsh sulfates and heavy silicones that can damage fine hair. 

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Yes, van + veronica hair care products are coconut oil-free. While some consider coconut oil a fantastic moisturizer, others find it makes hair dry, hard, or brittle. Instead of coconut oil, we turn to lightweight, gentle oils (like Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Apricot Oil) that protect fine curls from damage, provide shine and moisture, without making hair hard or brittle.

Yes! We created our van + veronica Haircare products specifically for people with protein sensitivities. On its own, protein isn’t necessarily dangerous for your hair, but in excess, protein-rich products can easily cause buildup, leaving your fine curls hard, brittle, and easily broken. Check out our article on protein sensitive hair.

Our protein-free shampoo provides gentle cleansing without harsh proteins. While our conditioner and leave-in both contain keratin protein, keratin is gentle and helps strengthen fine coils without making them brittle. Our flaxseed Styler has a small amount of protein as well to provide structure for fine and delicate curls.

Yes! van + veronica Haircare products are formulated to protect your fine curls’ sensitive pH balance. Our expert-formulated products use carefully selected and naturally derived ingredients to keep your hair’s pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5. Check out this pH post to learn more about the science behind why all our products are pH balanced.

All van + veronica Haircare products are paraben-free. Parabens may offer an easy and inexpensive way to help products last longer, but research has shown that the damage they cause counteracts any “benefits”. Rather than harsh, damaging preservatives, we use safer alternatives. If you’re curious to learn more, read our post about what exactly parabens do to otherwise healthy hair.

Yes, van + veronica Haircare products are fragrance-free, meaning we do not include artificial fragrances or chemicals to mask the natural scent of our products. Did you know that fragrance allergies are actually the second most common skin allergy? It’s true!

At van + veronica Haircare, we are proud to create products for people with fragrance sensitivities so they can enjoy their hair anytime, anywhere, scent- free.

At van + veronica Haircare, we offer a glycerin-free styler that moisturizes and defines curls for frizz-free definition. If you live in an area with a high dew point, you likely know the struggle of keeping your curls intact in moist, sticky air. Glycerin invites more water into your hair, increasing the difficulty of maintaining your coils.

Having a fine and delicate hair type shouldn’t mean a constant struggle against the climate! With our van + veronica Haircare glycerin-free Styler, you can enjoy worry-free curls no matter the weather.

We sure do! Our van + veronica Styler is made with a unique combination of lightweight oils and flaxseed extract, making it perfect for humid climates. How do we know? Because we’ve tested it in our backyard- humid South Florida. Even in 90% humidity, you can trust this product to protect your curls from the elements while maintaining your natural bounce and volume.

van + veronica Haircare is 100% owned and operated by CeCe, a proud woman of color and fellow fine and curly natural! Fine curly hair all too frequently gets overlooked. Our founder takes pride in making products that enhance your fine hair’s natural greatness rather than trying to apologize for what makes it so beautiful. Check out her story here.

van + veronica Haircare products are formulated, developed, and produced in the USA. We ship our
products from sunny South Florida to locations all over the country.

Absolutely not! At van + veronica Haircare, we are huge animal lovers and do not test on our furry friends. You can enjoy the full use of our product line, guilt-free!