What is Fine Coily Hair?

Portrait of cheerful woman with fine coily hair
Portrait of cheerful woman with fine coily hair

As you browse the hair care aisle, you’ll likely notice many brands dedicate themselves entirely to a single hair type, whether that’s curly, straight, coily, or wavy, while others focus on “all hair types”. While some hair types can tolerate “one size fits all” hair care solutions, fine coily hair takes a bit of extra love.  This especially intricate, rare hair type calls for specific products specialized in maintaining its unique pattern and texture!

“Fine, coily hair” refers to a special combination of hair texture and hair type. Hair with a fine texture is thin and delicate, as each strand is thinner than a piece of thread. Hair that is coily is tightly wound and typically falls into the Type 4– or occasionally 3c– hair type category. 

If you want to know if you have fine natural hair, stay tuned; we have all the details on how to identify fine, coily hair and nurture it into its best self!

First, What is Type 4 and Type 3C Hair? 

Type 4 hair, commonly referred to as coily hair or afro-textured hair, is naturally dry, prone to shrinkage, and needs tons of moisture. If your hair grows in naturally tight, almost spongy coils, it’s quite possible your hair falls into Type 4. 

Type 4 hair has three subtypes: 4A, 4B, and 4C. 

  • Type 4A hair is easily identifiable by its perfect spirals or s-shaped pattern.
  • Hair Type 4B appears fluffy, with hair strands that have a “z” or “zigzag” shape.
  • 4C hair is tightly coiled, with a zig-zag pattern that sometimes isn’t quite discernible to the eye. 

Does your coily hair pattern follow a slightly looser spiral?  Maybe you don’t struggle with dryness in the same way?

If this describes you, you likely have hair type 3C. This hair type still maintains a tight curl that, in many ways, can almost be indistinguishable from Type 4 coils and can benefit from similar products and treatment.

What is Hair Texture? 

Hair texture refers to the width or size of your hair strand. Depending on the width, hair can be coarse, medium, or fine.

As the name might suggest, fine hair is the smallest in width, making it the most delicate texture. To test your hair’s texture, you can compare its size to that of a strand of thread. In a side-by-side comparison, fine hair is actually thinner. 

Though each hair type comes with its own handbook, requiring different levels of care to flourish, fine hair thrives under the most delicate care.  This intricate texture requires the most loving attention in order to keep it strong, healthy, and moisturized without being weighed down by heavy products!

Caring for Fine, Type 4 and Type 3C Coils 

Of all the combinations of coil patterns and hair textures, Type 4 and Type 3C fine, natural hair has to be the most complex.

Coils, in general, are dry and need moisture, but fine hair soaks up oil like a sponge, leading it to be easily weighed down by excess grease. Fine coils need lightweight products that can provide moisture without weighing down those delicate strands! 

While it’s impossible to change your natural hair type, taking care of your fine hair with non-greasy products for naturals is essential to having hair that’s hydrated while also keeping your hair’s volume and manageability in check. 

A deep understanding of the ingredients that make up your haircare products is also vital in achieving the gorgeous, moisturized curls we adore. If you are hoping to do right by your intricate, fine hair, get familiar with the ingredients that work for you!

van + veronica Haircare Products for Fine Natural Hair

Here’s where we come in. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves!  At van + veronica™, specialized Haircare for Fine Coils is our passion and expertise.  

Our lightweight hair care products feature the finest oils, including argan, apricot and grapeseed oil.  These lightweight, natural oils nourish and moisturize fine natural hair without weighing it down.  

All our products are completely silicone and sulfate-free, as well as pH balanced to keep your lovely, delicate coils healthy and strong. Our Fine and Coily Collection features gentle Shampoo, moisturizing Conditioner, lightweight Leave-In, and medium hold humidity resistant Styler. 

Our van + veronica silicone and sulfate-free Shampoo is non-stripping and perfect for gently cleansing fine coily hair without drying out your strands. Our van + veronica Conditioner uses the power of lightweight, natural oils to increase shine without weighing coils down. Follow up with our Leave-In for the added conditioning power that tight coils need to stay shining and manageable.  Finish off your routine with our glycerin-free Styler to lock in moisture and lock out frizz. 

Choose the Best for your Fine, Coily Hair!

The truth is, there is no ”one size fits all” when it comes to caring for fine natural Type 4 or Type 3C hair.  And that’s okay! The subtle differences between curly, kinky, and coily hair add variety to the world of self-care and beauty. By identifying your hair type and hair texture, you empower yourself to learn more about what makes you stand apart as the unique and beautiful individual you are!

As a Type 4 or Type 3C natural with fine strands, choose products that speak to both your fine natural side– which needs lightweight, non-greasy products– and your Type 4 or Type 3C coily side– which needs tons of moisture and conditioning. Created specifically for fine-haired naturals, van + veronica Haircare for Fine Coils speaks to all sides of your fine natural coils.

Let us help you bring those fine natural coils to life!

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