Learning and Loving Your Natural Texture

There’s a kind of magic that comes with knowing you’re moving through the world with healthy, gorgeous curls. When you know you look good– really good– it paints the whole day with a special kind of glow. The easiest and best way to give your fine curls the health and nourishment they crave is by embracing your fine curly hair and learning to work with your texture instead of against it.

Hair texture simply means how your hair feels, including the circumference of each strand. Your hair texture falls under one of three categories- fine, medium, or coarse. Each texture has different needs and should be treated in a way that best nurtures its unique characteristics.

After learning about your texture, you will have the great start you need to work with your fine strands- from styling to product selection to haircare routines. Read on to learn more about each hair texture and how you can show your curls the love they deserve!

What are the Three Hair Textures?

Hair textures fall into one of three categories: fine, medium, and coarse. Figuring out your texture is easy; it just takes a quick test.

How Can I Determine My Hair Texture?

Take a strand of hair and examine the strand while paying close attention to its circumference. Roll it between your fingers and note how it feels. When compared to a piece of thread, is the strand thicker, thinner, or about the same?

If each strand of hair is thinner than this imaginary thread, your hair is fine. If it is about the size of a thread, it is medium, and if it appears wider, you have thick/coarse hair. Done!

Once you’ve identified your hair texture, it’s time to learn more about what makes your curls unique and which products and hair care regimens can help them thrive!

Fine Hair

Fine hair is the most fragile hair texture. Though the phrase “fine hair” is often used interchangeably with “thin hair”– likely because they both require gentle handling and lightweight products – we promise you they are not the same thing!

According to the hair experts at Southern Living, thin hair refers to the amount of hair you have per square inch on your scalp. In contrast, “fine hair” simply means that the strand itself is thin and silky. Because fine natural hair is easily weighed down with heavy products, it may appear thin, but these two traits are not necessarily always linked.

The key to protecting fine, delicate curls is to first understand their delicate nature. Fine curls thrive best with lightweight styling products. People with this hair type should also lean towards little to no manipulation hairstyles, that allow fine curls to be to be gently styled- like air drying.

With the right knowledge, you can treat your fine curls in a way that keeps them looking full, healthy, and voluminous!

Takeaway: Opt for gentle styling practices and gentle products for fine curly hair.

Medium Hair

Medium hair is the most common hair texture. Medium hair is not as fragile as fine hair and can easily be manipulated into styles. Because these strands are thicker, they can easily hold up to the kinds of treatment that otherwise might break fine, brittle curls.

If ladies with this hair texture look into a mirror, they will notice that their scalp is well covered, which is typical of medium hair. While people with fine hair struggle to maintain an appearance of volume, people with medium hair strands have lots of natural volume and do well with most styling practices.

The biggest concern for most people with this hair type is the difficulty of maintaining moisture and avoiding dry ends. Those with this hair type should seek out products that target dryness to help moisturize their hair.

Moisture-rich conditioners and leave-ins work well for medium hair textures by keeping curls, especially the ends, moisturized.

Take away: Medium textured curls need extra moisture and conditioning.

Thick or Coarse Hair

As the name might suggest, each individual strand of this hair is wider than that of other hair textures. Because this hair texture contains all three hair layers, namely the medulla, cuticle, and cortex, thick hair is strong and durable but may be less soft and consistent than fine hair.

Thick or coarse hair usually takes longer to dry, is more resistant to chemical treatments, and can tolerate high amounts of heat. This texture is also less prone to breakage and can choose from a variety of styling options.

Rather than being concerned about weighing down their curls, people with this hair type need all the moisture they can get. Those with coarse hair should seek out thicker products to help seal in moisture.

While ingredients like Shea Butter work great for coarse curls by helping to seal in moisture, these thicker oils may also cause build-up. Be sure to use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to keep hair and scalp clean without stripping away essential oils and moisture.

Takeaway: Coarse curls need heavier styling products, but gentle cleansers.

van + veronica Fine CURLY Haircare Products

When it comes to fine curls, van + veronica™ is designed specifically with fine delicate curls in mind! Our haircare system for fine curls comes complete with every step you’ll need to keep your curls shiny, moisturized, and healthy: gentle sulfate-free Shampoo, moisture-rich Conditioner, nongreasy Leave-In, and medium hold and humidity resistant Styler. Every step in this routine is based on light, natural oils that soak into each strand, providing protection without excess, greasy buildup!

While van + veronica works best for fine curls, some with medium or coarse curly hair may benefit from lightweight, natural hair care options for their curls. We recommend taking our Curl Quiz to find which products will work best for your specific curly hair texture. Ultimately, taking care of your curls is a way of taking care of yourself. Don’t miss out on the magic of that healthy-hair confidence boost! Learn your natural texture, love your curls, and enjoy all the benefits of healthy, protected hair.

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