Seashells, Sunshine, and Humidity-Proof Curls: Celebrate National Seashell Day!

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Get ready to embrace the beauty of seashells and protect your fine curly hair this National Seashell Day! Originating in Florida, this holiday not only marks the first day of summer on June 21st but also celebrates the wonders of seashells. As a Florida-based brand, we’re excited to share tips on how to make the most of this special day while safeguarding your fine curls from humidity. Let’s dive in and create unforgettable beach memories!

How to Celebrate National Seashell Day

1. Find Your Perfect Beach Destination:

Begin your National Seashell Day celebration by discovering your dream beach destination. Whether it’s Sanibel Island, The Florida Keys, or a beautiful beach in your own backyard, find a spot that complements your fine curly hair’s unique beauty.

2. Stroll the Shores and Capture Memories:

Take a leisurely stroll along the beach, feeling the sand between your toes and the gentle kiss of the waves. Appreciate the freedom and beauty of your naturally fine curls in harmony with the surroundings. Capture the moment by photographing the unique seashells you encounter, sharing the joy of National Seashell Day and inspiring others to appreciate the treasures of the sea and their fine-textured hair.

3. Choose Your Favorite Seashells:

Handpick captivating seashells with colors, patterns, and shapes that mirror the allure of your fine curly hair. Place it on a shelf to serve as a beautiful reminder of your beach adventure and your unique individuality.

4. Get Beach-Ready: Humidity-Proof Your Fine Curls:

Before hitting the beach, humidity-proof your fine curls with van + veronica humidity-proof Styler. This gel, enriched with nourishing oils like Argan, Apricot, and Grapeseed, is your secret weapon against frizz and humidity. With its medium hold, amazing curl retention, and gorgeous shine, it’s your beach day hero!

To ensure long-lasting curls:

  • Apply van + veronica weightless Leave-In, specially formulated for fine curly hair, to soaking wet hair for moisture and nourishment.
  • Distribute a small amount of the humidity-proof Styler evenly throughout your fine curls. Its creamy serum texture makes application a breeze, allowing it to deeply nourish and enhance your fine strands curls from root to tip.

With van + veronica Styler, you can confidently embrace the beach while keeping your fine curls defined and humidity protected all day long!

5. Style with a Beach-Inspired Silk Scarf:

To add a touch of style and extra protection, consider accessorizing your National Seashell Day look with a beach-inspired silk scarf. Silk is known for its gentle texture, helping prevent frizz and reducing moisture loss. Tie the scarf around your fine, delicate curls, letting the ends flow freely like the waves on the beach or twist it into a cute headband. Embrace the beach chic vibes and make a splash with your flawless curls!

Seashells, Summer, and Savings: $21 for Gorgeous Frizz-Free Curls!

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Embrace the Beauty of Seashells and Your Fine Curly Hair

National Seashell Day is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of seashells and celebrate your fine curly hair. By following the tips shared, you can enjoy an incredible beach day adventure while safeguarding your delicate curls from humidity. Shop our humidity-proof Styler to protect your fine hair from frizz and to help maintain its curl definition. Let’s make the most of this special day and create unforgettable memories filled with seashells and stunning curls that stand up to humidity.

Don’t forget to tag us @vanandveronica and share your beach day adventures and gorgeous fine natural curls. Let’s celebrate the beauty of seashells and the magic of your gorgeous fine curls together! #nationalseashellday #vanandveronica #frizzfree #beachday #beachcurls

Happy Seashell Day! 🐚

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