Why Choose Sulfate-Free and Silicone-Free Products For Fine Curly Hair?

Fine curly hair woman with hands in hair

Sulfate-free and silicone-free products are best for fine curly and coily hair because they avoid harsh chemicals that create frizz and damage hair over time. Fine curls and coils are particularly vulnerable, so choosing products that treat them gently is essential for healthy, beautiful hair.

Caring for Protein-Sensitive Hair

woman with protein sensitive hair and fine natural hair

Okay, so you’ve put in the work. You’ve tested your curls, researched your products, and realized that you may have protein-sensitive hair. Now that you’ve learned the stiffening effects that excess protein can have on your delicate, fine curly hair, what’s next? If you have protein-sensitive hair, the key to maintaining silky, healthy strands is … Read more